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I-Plan: Najipanga kwa Mafanikio Yangu

As the saying goes “the best way to predict the future is to invent it”. We at Trust are doing that by giving youth with the best chance to fulfill their potential through the I-Plan, a value driven yearly contraceptive package that gives the Higher Learning Institution students the best chance of graduating without unwanted pregnancies of sexual transmitted infections i.e. STI's or HIV/AIDS

Peer education program

The Trust peer education program is a platform that allows a select group of Higher Learning Institution students to become educators and advocates for behavioral change within their peer groups. The focus is growing a select batch of students to grow their peers by educating them to make the right sexual choices that will positively impact their future. The peer educators receive training and mentorship throughout the duration of the program.

Currently a number of Higher learning Institutions have come on board namely University of Dodoma (UDOM), College of Business Education (CBE) Mwanza, St Augustine (Mwanza), Fisheries (Mwanza), Mipango (Mwanza), Mount Meru University (Mwanza) with more Higher Learning Institutions expected to join the program in the not-too distant future.

Mwanza resource center

The Mwanza resource center acts as a center for learning for youth from different walks of life. Key to the purpose is the free counselling service on sexual reproductive methods and services. The resource center is equipped with sexual reproductive and life skills reading material. The resource center also boasts wireless internet access through tablet computers. In charge of the resource center is a Resource center Manager who oversees the smooth running of operations.

I-Plan Objectives.

  • Provide University students with a comprehensive contraceptive/Family Planning package for a year effectively preventing unwanted pregnancies and providing protection against sexually transmitted infections.
  • Provide students with greater exposure to Family Planning information, life skills, access to our internet portals at our clinic and interaction with professional groups.
  • To expose students to DKT International Tanzania operations and commercial setting (e.g. Fiesta Fridays) honing their skill set i.e. presentation and selling skills that will enhance their employability prospects beyond graduation.

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