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Legal responsibility


In order to maintain the uniform high standards of the Services, and to protect the Franchisor’s intellectual property rights and maintain the common identity and reputation of the franchise network, the Franchisee hereby agrees.

Running Business

Provision of Family planning and Reproductive Health services will be under the Trust franchise marks and no other name.


Other than Trust’s specified locations services shall not be offered at any other Premises without the Franchisor’s prior written consent.


Franchisor shall be responsible to keep all equipment issued by Franchisor safe and in good working conditions. Breakage, damages to or loss of equipment should be reported immediately.

Sourcing of stock related to Franchise activities

To source Family Planning and Reproductive Health commodities from the franchisor.


To use his best endeavors’ and the highest standards to carry on the business diligently and in a manner that all material confirms to the reasonable satisfaction of the Franchisor from time to time in accordance with its image and reputation.


To ensure that all personnel employed comply with all of the Franchisor’s requirements as regards quality, infection prevention, cleanliness, clothing, appearance and right attitude.

Staff training

To ensure all employees working in the franchise clinic undergo supportive on job training procedure organized by the Franchisor under supervision and get certification.

Access to staff and customers

To permit the Franchisor and or his agent to speak to customers and the Franchisee’s staff about the Services being provided by the Franchisee.

Franchisor’s requirements

To comply with all reasonable requirements consistent with the terms of this Agreement as are from time to time notified by the Franchisor for the efficient conduct of the Business.

Notice of status

To clearly indicate on all literature and correspondence the fact that it is an independent franchisee of the franchisor and is in no other way connected with it.


The Franchisee will set up security to protect the premise against burglary and theft and obtain fire protection and extinguishers to curb damage in case of fire.

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