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How it works

At TRUST we extend our network by providing opportunities for qualified individuals to become our Franchise partners. It’s an easy process and we’ll guide you through each step. Equipment, training and support to new members will be given to ensure the business is up and running. To get started, see the steps below.

Step 1

A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be provide for you to sign after assessing.

Step 2

Our DKT representatives will help you fill out a facility assessment questionnaire. We will use this information to build a business case that will guide us to offer reasonable assistance and advice necessary.

Step 3

We’ll review the questionnaires to determine their eligibility and we’ll send you a letter on the assessment outcomes to let you know your status for the Franchise. Lucky enough to be eligible you will move on to step 4.

Step 4

We’ll review and sign the Franchise Agreement from DKT on the terms of the partnership, obligations of both partners and laws governing the partnership. 

Step 5

DKT representatives will guide you to fill out the equipment needs checklist prepared by AGOTA for comprehensive FP/HIV service provision to make sure that everything is set and ready.

Step 6

A checklist by AGOTA will be provided for you to fill out with support from DKT representatives. We will determine your providers’ training needs for the FP/RH services.

Step 7

At this point your FP/RH clinic will be up and you’ll will need to initiate obligations as stated in the signed Franchise Agreement.

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