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Menstruation. Periods. That time of the month. Aunt Flo. Menstruation has long been a taboo topic. But in the past year, mainstream media has been breaking that taboo, with stories about new menstrual products,astronauts dealing with menstruation, and diminished shame about periods. And May 28th is Menstrual Hygiene Day, a day to speak out about and celebrate menstruation.

Have you been hitting the gym on a daily basis, eating rabbit food for the past two months, repeatedly drinking green tea and a lot of water yet the readings on the weight scale still makes you cry? Even after cutting down sugar and carbs, tried out fad diets on the internet and still can’t lose even an inch of your waist? It is important to understand that there are various factors that can inhibit your weight loss. Weight loss is not all about working out and eating less.

ARUSHA, Tanzania, April 24 (Xinhua) -- 40-year-old Vailet Mollel is an Arusha-based successful business woman, married with only one daughter.

Unlike most well-heeled women who choose to have smaller families, Vailet would have wanted to have more than one child, but circumstances have not allowed her to do so.

What is sexuality?

In its broadest sense "sexuality" describes the whole way a person goes about expressing himself or herself as a sexual being. It describes how important sexual expression is in a person's life, how one chooses to express that sexuality, and any preference one may have towards the type of sexual partner they choose. The way we choose to behave sexually is as individual and complicated as the ways we choose to dress or earn a living. Human sexuality rarely falls into neat categories or lends itself to simple labelling, but rather is a rich and complex area of human experience.

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